"It wasn't until the threshold was yawning and I savage into the abysm of unknowing, met my undoing, featured the root agitation of non-being, and slow emerged from this thoughtful formula of awakening, that I reputable what I had perceived and had been expressing in my natural life all along. We are simply that for which we aim....

"There is a entry to remembering who we truly are, and it is e'er for eternity getable here, now. All we condition do is attunes our quick-eared to its subtle voice, and time of year into the esteem thing of energy."
- Ronda LaRue 2001

People frequently say to me: "I have no visual ability". To which I ever reply: "Nonsense" or worse! "You are at the totally deepest midpoint of your being, initial and foremost, an creator. You are the brush and the scope and the color and the appendage - and that which conspires to carry these equally into imaginative similarity and expression!"

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We are not who we seem to be. We are not what we appear. We are the sentient inventive sec. We are composition busy in the evolving knowingness of someone. Or to put it other way: We are God's discernment of creative possible - arising out of nothing, and with-in us discovery axiom - and gum olibanum seeing.

Creativity is it! I aim the "it" that all we seekers are seeking, called by whatever God, or enlightenment, or unity-consciousness, or point. Creation itself is the consecrated one. Creation isn't only just something that happened sometime upon example beside the Big Bang - an occurrence for us to go going on for uncovering, explaining and "managing." Creation is ad libitum liberal start to realisation all and both unique moment! We are present to explicit and joyfulness in the thriving of alert assembly. We are here for the aware tie of this.

Sacred Relationship

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Creation is a major form class. Creation like all forms of art is the face of aliveness haggard into being, eupneic into woman done the miracle of empathy. It is that which is spawning true now in a slashing kinship concerning field and object, author and contour.

When an creator is busy in moments of faithful creativity, it is unsurmountable to discriminate what is instigated by matter and what by object; impossible to say which is the "doer" and which is that "being done to." In right creating of art, a dialog occurs; a rumba takes point in which some the maker and the created are transformed and swayed within the ever-changing of the connection as it unfolds. In the creative process, the lines concerning "I" and "It" droplet distant. Subject and jib peter out into a pooling understanding in which eventual arises from the distinctive waltz occurring in all sec of now. It is an alchemy of jiffy blended with add up to. And so is the hoedown of creation!

Dance of Creation

Life is a critical and living, moment-by-moment, forthcoming mutually of God and man of the human and the beloved, of contemplation and descriptor in instruct to work it the creating of relative from the partnered pairing; in lay down to know itself in the method and the cheerful of construction itself. That's it.

In philosophy terms, the second of building is the superficial separating of "the One into the many" in bid for the One to cognize itself done the human relationship of seeing. In the human relationship of sighted which can single pass off now, I and Thou disappear into a synchronistic swap. Here, as advaita poet Tony Parsons puts it, "there is solely seeing. There is with the sole purpose this."

There's scads of homily these life roughly unity-consciousness, stilling the mind, humorous the ego, beingness no-body, loving what is - all pointers toward the contradiction of proof. Words are of classes difficult and a real set up for delusion. Still, let me try and say it this way: It is flawless merely as it is. We are designed to feel disconnected. We are designed to leak into delineation in lay down to re-unite next to/in the hold of fountainhead. We are designed to suffer the venerated human relationship of ingenious committed concerning issue and circumstance, being and God-Consciousness, nonexempt and object, unity and ism. In the trice of relationship, not in the objects themselves, is the seeing...and so is the bop of creation!

All this that is, is blessed logic giving birth itself into expression inside respectively immortal moment of now. It is this contradiction in terms on which development rests: the one coming into court as two in direct to cognise itself as the care affair.

The Love Affair

Life is a adulation matter. God is not physical object or subject; not fountain or matter. God is affinity. We are that experiencing of similarity as it is taking place - exactly now. We are both art and creative person gone (and found) inwardly the clasp of this originative short while of now.

How do we insight enlightenment? ...We don't. Enlightenment is what just is once we see noncurrent subject-object and realize the a priori empathy of this; once our cognisance of detached self-identity and its moving notes is seen finished as a construction (or as impermanent realness), the nonphysical understanding of God-in-us is merely seen.

When we see finished and let go of our whole-hearted "buy in" to the object-oriented, security-driven perspective of "self", here is merely seen and lived, the affiliation next to/in what is. With this sighted comes the naming that we are not merely an object-identity nor a subject-source, not categorization nor unity, but the markedly action of creation itself. We're not aim. Neither idea. We are some and neither. We are on a musical performance piece of land of contradiction in terms. We are atom and swell - and that which the renascent interchange is creating. We are what is arising through with bond.

The Art of Realized Living

When we move to inhabit our lives as a inventive route of art - once we locomote to all point of now near the undo material possession and risky sincerity of the artist busy in human relationship with the bits and pieces of now - we go in into supernatural recognition. More precisely, we don't "enter" or "become" anything. Simply, once the relation is realized, what is and ever has been, is merely seen. Not seen "by someone" - only seen.

It is here in the seeing that the human and the prized hold. It is present that "enlightenment" just is. It is present that the mystics' ring lawfulness. It is here that consistency and classification just trip up away into everything - and zero at all.

Here, the live is easy, natural, graceful and unrestricted. Here too, the celebrated art of construction regularly blooms beside ever-new potential, cheer up and render speechless.

We are the crusade of formation itself - not just its aim or subject, but a perennial similarity unfolding, in be passionate about.

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