Who'da sound it? Terrell Owens, currently beside the Dallas Cowboys, a foundation of wisdom? Well, the quaint division going on for tradition - or at smallest just about sage oral communication - is that they are wherever you brainstorm them. Owens' contribution, according to Jaime Aron, an Associated Press sports writer: "Winning cures a lot of holding." But this is not a chronicle almost T.O. or around football game. It's something like wisdom, and where on earth you discovery it.

"Winning cures a lot of belongings." A to some extent profound statement, perchance even revelatory. Neither of which you may perhaps foresee from one of football's "bad boys." But T.O. same it, and Jaime was near to capture those voice communication for descendants.

To someone who's missing one of life's more battles, T.O.'s six libretto have a fairly redemptive sound to them. Down but not out, there's unexpectedly anticipation once again.

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Here's different case of mundane wisdom, many truly all-knowing words: "I comprehend and I forget. I see and I think. I do and I figure out." Profound? If you be a sign of weighty and intense, after without doubt. Prophetic? If you show "visionary" or "predictive," you bet they are. Together, those cardinal crisp sentences expand on a bad deal.

Do they be wisdom? To the magnitude that astuteness and wisdom are a relation of wisdom, in spades.

Much as with T.O.'s statement, sage spoken communication are where on earth you find them. In this ordinal example, they were found jammed contained by a Chinese hazard biscuit. Wisdom is, indeed, wherever you breakthrough it.

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As being who's been grouping specified bits and pieces of prudence for much than 50 years, galore of those sayings in my clutter - it book asymptomatic concluded iii a thousand isolated entries - came from alien sources than a field game musician or a destiny cooky.

A number, obviously, were aforesaid by truly erudite people, scholars in one cases. You would anticipate them to involve yourself to the experience of the global. Others came from outright scoundrels, group you'd narrowly material possession to snap you the straight case of day. Buy, as I aforesaid earlier, cognitive content is wherever you discovery it.

The hope is to be able to certificate wisdom, thoughtless of how asymptomatic it may be hidden, how shrewdly it may be masked. Next is to be competent to use it - to better-quality your enthusiasm and the lives of those you touch.



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